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Successful Dancesport Children



Sometimes, there are 5 Saturdays or perhaps 5 Tuesdays in a Month, so our £16 fee for your childs dancesport class for the month, is a real bargain!

Tuesdays @ Archbold House, Albert Road, Morley LS27 8TT. (Near the White Rose Shopping)

4:30pm-5:30pm  6-11yrs


4:10pm- 5pm   6-11yrs   At Riley Smith Hall, Tadcaster (A pay as you go Class-£4 per child)

Fridays(starting February 2019)

4pm-4:45pm  6-11yrs    At  Morley Leisure Centre (opposite Morrisons supermarket)


10am-10:30am 3-5yrs + 6-11yrs Beginners At Archbold House, Albert road, Morley. (near White Rose Centre)

                  10:30am-11am   Practice for all

                   11am-12noon Advanced Beginners

Saturday Massive Supervised Dancesport Practice at the Morley Leisure centre.

1st and 3rd Saturday in the Month

4:45pm-6pm This is charged at £2 per child.



ID: 99 5yrs-7yrs then 8-11yrs Dancesport classes


5-7yrs  10am-10:30am Archbold House, Albert Road, Morley LS27 8TT. Near the White Rose Centre